October 1st 2013 – Progress in my adapting to university

The second week of lectures has started and I only have time and the mind to share two photos.

1) Criminal law dominates your reading list. Look at how pathetic the EU law reading list is compared to the scribbles which cover 2/3 of an A4 sheet? I am not used to reading entire chapters from several textbooks in an evening, nor am I accustomed to feeling so lost about writing my first legal essay, due next Monday, for which we have been given very little direct guidance.

 photo 1BB8BF6B-C4A9-4BAA-A774-4DF3BB946163-3675-000004D31C578747_zpsa0ab24ad.jpg

2) Making my own food every day is surprisingly fun. Isn’t tomorrow’s lunch pretty? The meal’s aesthetic presentation is enhanced further with the use of adorable tupperware bowls, which I bought as a set in the supermarket. The lids are coloured in rainbow. My official lunchbox has an acid apple green lid which, together with the delicious content inside, brightens most lunchtimes after sleepy lectures.

 photo 24526A78-0761-4DB1-98F7-7094DE2F8580-3675-000004D322A94561_zps1eed1b6e.jpg

The meal I prepared used leftover noodles and bacon from dinner this evening. I used scissors to cut the noodles and bacon into small slices. Then I cooked frozen peas and corn (in a bowl of freshly boiled water) in the microwave for 2 mins, drained them, and added them to the mix. A handful of sesame seeds, a few drops of olive and sesame oil and a pinch of salt. And ta da, you have a lovely lunch!

I always go by the principal that a colourful meal is a nutritious one, as it most likely includes veg, carb and meat, the fundamental components of a healthy meal. The photo above strongly supports this idea.

Making cheap, tasty and healthy food is doable if you use what have and what is provided. Like the microwave! What a life saver in the mornings when time is wiped away on every footstep. And colours! Be creative everyone, please. University life might be a stress and pain but it can be very (childishly) fun when you do things creatively.


Up next: reading (surprise, surprise) and three orchestral auditions this weekend!


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