WHAT it’s December already?!

One month later I finally come round to typing something which isn’t about Fraud or Economic Duress or Free Movement of Services.

I’d likely to thank the Law School for making this possible, albeit indirectly and unintentionally, by cancelling all but one of today’s classes. Freedom since 10am this morning – let’s celebrate with a blog post!


Um, what has happened over the last 30 days?

My friends celebrated Halloween. I stayed at home…

 photo E2BD1D64-11C3-4B35-8DE9-BDDCA2C7969B-9898-0000082FB1FDB355_zpsc7bbcbe7.jpg

 photo FB152A28-E3E6-4E9C-AB61-2A7964331F50-9898-0000082FB867A082_zpscd539e4d.jpg

I compensated for this inactivity a few weeks later with my debut appearance at the Royal Opera House. I played the part of an enthusiastic audience member sat high up in the gallery. The show comprised of three ballets: Chroma, The Human Seasons and… The Rite of Spring!

 photo E87ECFB9-86FD-4B9D-8DD7-45D52B1500F4-5172-00000517405E9677_zps9f2d960e.jpg

Much needed planning over several pots of Chinese tea…

 photo 70D085C2-5E44-4CA0-9839-2270E80DE2BE-5172-000005174C347E78_zpse34a3752.jpg

But never letting stress get in the way of putting smiles on faces!

 photo 1476EC00-BFDC-43C1-B4C5-B5C9896DE99C-5172-000005174710088A_zps879d6d8b.jpg

I may be in London at the moment but I’m always haunting you in your high school studies…

 photo E0FE5CFD-0025-4D0C-A7DE-5EC1F6107720-5172-000005176A584D76_zps4041899a.jpg

 photo 08582631-6691-450F-A1A4-E1EE77B5541F-5172-0000051771664814_zps7ef6efd3.jpg

I visited Guildhall Art Gallery.

 photo 3FBC3BB7-0D6A-425E-92ED-77316256DC68-5172-0000051751196BEF_zps4a2d111b.jpg

I went to the Houses of Parliament with NYO and saw some law in action. BBC TV filming about as usual…

 photo A8F48E0B-3169-4ED1-9BB7-3509C3D245FF-9972-000008E48864EBC7_zpsc6545d1d.jpg

 photo 69704240-C30F-4454-8192-40BB466EE4E3-9972-000008E490DF5D5B_zpsf80e4428.jpg

 photo 71E406D8-09CE-4D52-8005-FCC1E38A5F4F-9972-000008E49A2DEDF8_zps24494340.jpg

 photo C2CCCAF4-A7BF-4EFA-84A4-E3EDA746AA64-9972-000008E4A41A09B8_zpsd58e8869.jpg

 photo 8558EBD6-E42B-49C7-A3CD-67302219F872-9972-000008E4ABB87C60_zpse7b16931.jpg

Principal French Horn doing Grade 8 Theory in the corridor.

 photo 1FE47B6F-48EE-413F-BB53-CFB9424361F0-9972-000008E4B101D092_zpscb67f64e.jpg

Loving the carpets.

 photo D55A42AF-CBE9-4A71-A4B7-0D60C3180B98-9972-000008E4B60D0B2E_zps759896c3.jpg

Inside the committee room…

Now and again a bell would ring to call upon all MPs, regardless of where they were in the building, to cast their votes on a new Bill in the Commons. VOTE ON THE AMENDMENT OF THE DEFENCE BILL or something like that, and one gentleman courteously sighed, rolled his eyes and asked to be excused.

The fact that I had been studying UK government and legislative functions as part of my Public Law module this term and was now within the actual confines of Westminster where law was actually being created, was actually quite cool.

 photo EA74E1A9-6C36-49C5-BC63-358628CB409C-9972-000008E4BB2FDF35_zps316ac84f.jpg

Other music things. I finally paid the price of being ambitious with all my musical endeavours. Most evenings 6-10pm rehearsals, a different orchestra and repertoire each night, culminating in two concerts on the weekend, plus a nice little gig I did for a Chinese tea ceremony and one precious hour with NYO Principals on Leadership Day. I also had to print programmes for University of London Symphony Orchestra, which proved surprisingly to be one of the biggest challenges I’d ever faced.

 photo 65d06bb8-32f4-4734-bcd0-f52dc434d3e3_zps6d2043de.jpg

It always helps if the performance venue offers boxes of yummy Chinese food… I’ll take one for lunch and sneak another for dinner later.

 photo 531F997E-F82A-48D2-8664-CD7CBBECA173-9972-000008E4CA98DC2C_zps37b3597f.jpg

Assistant Conductor Auditions – photo courtesy of @KCLSO.

 photo 97574C6A-8669-44DE-A003-F27E9F105D79-9972-000008E521EF2633_zpsb50f37d7.jpg

Still enjoying law at the same time!

 photo 9D285F58-7C76-4211-BE62-F9E58B454675-9972-000008E4D0B59382_zps261cdaa2.jpg

Even if the textbooks have been violated by someone else’s scribbles…

 photo 35452EC9-71AE-47C2-B772-74BA85C75BA3-9972-000008E4DC1D5F42_zpsdec34f0a.jpg

 photo FE0099D9-CA60-4779-9123-72AAFBD4A7CB-9972-000008E4E288D5A2_zps0b81dce3.jpg

You know, sometimes you just want biscuits and tea and to lie on the sofa.

 photo 51358466-39E5-4E12-9D70-B92197FFFC81-9972-000008E4EBB05BCA_zpsade49f5a.jpg

Or have some bubbly? A lovely gift from King’s College London Symphony Orchestra after our first concert of the season.

 photo 1F6DAFB8-5745-46EC-A666-D786F07906AA-9972-000008E510CABD4B_zps446d6425.jpg

My debit card expired = indication that three years have passed.

 photo 85673F37-D2B8-45F1-93E4-3509C2017AE6-9972-000008E5182BA74C_zps678770d6.jpg


 photo F82E3EC3-D179-4A23-B01C-747663E4406A-9972-000008E51C3E7BA5_zps8ae7eb85.jpg


Time to be productive and make the most of my brand new vacant 12 hours – bye!


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