I have a boring life.

Today one of my good friends commented on my blog. He said that the writing quality was good but the content was dull.

The title of this post reverberates negativity, but I am not offended at all. In fact, I’m intrigued. His carefree surface attitude and radical philosophical ideas amuse and delight everyone. Being ridiculously intelligent also dissuades people from criticising or disliking his personality. He is free to like what appeals and criticise pointless comment and remains my friend regardless.

The point of creating one wasn’t to please but to get better at writing. I’m guilty of not keeping to my word, as most of my posts now feature just a stream of images. Occasionally I have the time and urge to write. My skills are improving, naturally, by reading academics everyday, and this afternoon I attended THE most perfect class in the history of my entire education – primary, secondary and higher: A ‘how to write well’ class!

To summarise, it was two and half hours of analysing hilarious examples of meaningless, pretentious and complicated texts and comparing them to elegant, easy academic prose. I left the room like a newborn prodigy destined to grow into the next Jane Austen/Sylvia Plath/Lord Denning. The tricks I learnt will make studying SO much easier, yuss!

Perhaps I’m better suited to writing stories about people other than myself. After all, a blog entirely about oneself is not very interesting. So, tomorrow the focus shifts back onto Scarlatti. He’s started wearing pocket squares, which he explained were silk scarves fabricated for the purposes of wearing them in suit pockets.



3 thoughts on “I have a boring life.

  1. I think even a personal blog or writing can be interesting. I mean there is so much that happens in everyone´s life… there are enough interesting stories to tell. If you enjoy writing about your life, then just do it… for some it might be interesting while others would say it is boring. It doesn´t have to interest everyone. That´s not how it works. I´d suggest write about what you want to write about, even if it´s about your personal life. There will be people who find it interesting 🙂

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