Nice Reading Week. Nice.

Date: 23/02/14

Time: 14:35

I’m typing this blog post in transit on the Northern Line. In my bag I have a Criminal Law textbook. There are three hefty chapters to read for tomorrow’s tutorial but I’m not really feeling the vibe for academic reading on this train. Maybe in three stops when I change to Victoria the opposite will happen. After all the Victoria is the most inspiring and joyous of all London transport routes.

My second reading week of year 1 is coming to a close. I’m feeling good about what I’ve done and have much to share.

– I played Scheherazade last Sunday eve with King’s College London Symphony Orchestra.

 photo F6F5F414-87F5-49A8-BB5E-6D39C5A52E5E-1571-000001421B23741B_zps25ab8883.jpg
– I went to my Yoga and Mindfulness class.

– I studied law. Footnotes dominating every page of this article.

 photo A562B477-32E8-4BE8-A490-022DDD557922-1571-00000141E9AD607A_zps027a68a7.jpg
– I went to an open day at Norton Rose Fulbright, one of the top global law firms in the world. Did you know that all new trainees undergo a medical procedure before they start work? The distance between you and your computer screen is measured, they give you a special seat if you have bad back problems and likewise with keyboards and mouses. Winner. Absolute winner for me. Also the office is situated beside Boris Johnson’s digs and has a view of the Thames.

– London Fashion Week was on next door to King’s. I received a free bottle of coconut juice (with orange flavouring) in passing, but other than that the event was a nuisance! Try getting to the library when the pavement is blocked by people dressed like… No, I dare not insult the fashionably intelligent. But they were just dwindling around the entrance with arms hung like limp chimpanzees and expressionless faces. All I’ll say is this: the stylists and bloggers look normal in the context of a fashion magazine, but ridiculous amongst the normal dressed folk.

– I went swimming and swam two length short of 60 because the swim team kicked everyone out the pool. I fumed because I didn’t reach the next ten.

– I performed in the University of London Symphony Orchestra last night. Again I was ladled the task of printing concert programmes. It was worse this time; I was printing them 45mins before the concert began and so went on stage with an empty stomach! But some fellow violinist friends donated a pain au chocolat, a hot cross bun and a ham and cheese sandwich in the interval. It turned out to be a great night nonetheless, for many other reasons too which I shall not disclose right now.

– I’ve started wearing my hair in a ponytail.

– I attended the KCL Annual European Law Conference.

– My application to study abroad was successful and I was selected to study at Strasbourg University in my third year.

– I dropped my phone on concrete.

Photo on 23-02-2014 at 23.49

A nice packed week coming up. Never a dull moment! I take inspiration from my friend’s words:

I refuse to live a dull life! I don’t want my tiredness to stop me from doing things.

(But within reason.)


4 thoughts on “Nice Reading Week. Nice.

  1. Sounds like a packed Reading Week! Sadly, I did not get half as much studying done during mine. My roommates and I decided on a group vacation and needless to say, my list of things accomplished is far shorter than yours 😛

    • Don’t feel sad! It’s always nice to have a break. If you regret relaxing then the time spent doing it wasn’t worth it. Group vacation – what a good idea. Definitely something for the summer!

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