Brodsky Quartet Binge

I’m ill today. I missed two lectures and could hardly follow my EU tutorial.

I spilt cough medicine over my notes. I knocked over the bottle and pink splodges oozed over the black ink. Tissues were not enough so I wiped off the highly viscous substance with baby wipes. It looks like a rosy watercolour wash now.

I had a nosebleed in bed. The last thing I want to do is scrub my sheets.

I’ve taken medicine, drank tea and eaten a banana. I don’t intend to move until the KCLSO rehearsal tonight, nor do I wish to do things which require deep contemplation. The bed has a new sheet and I am slumped against the wall with my laptop on my legs.

YouTube beckons me. Look what I found? The Brodsky Quartet.

Nerdy, sweet, quirky, cheeky. Charming. Really cool people. Skip to 3:08 in the video below for an extreme dose of flirt.

More classics:

And a hypnotic number to finish:

KCLSO are starting new repertoire for the Spring Project! So tonights rehearsal will comprise sight-reading, yay. I better take a nap now.


(You’ll have noticed that I made a massive apostrophe error in the paragraph above. I can’t even write a sentence of sound grammar here let alone my own coursework. I’m not going to edit it; I’m leaving it for my own amusement.)


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