Tuesday March 11th 2014 – Don’t do that, please.

Today, 6 days before the deadline, I changed my essay topic for my Contract Law assignment. I did this last night at about ten o’clock after giving up on an attempt to complete my previous title. It was one of those occasions where time spent too long writing and editing destroys the entire piece. I was crying inside: how could an essay of such little significance in my life be so dull and frustrating?



My decision received mixed response from my classmates and friends. One old lass encouraged I start afresh and that emphasized that time was still on my side. My flatmate advised me to chill, since she too had not started to write. All in all, very supportive.


But all I want to say is this: a person who claims, pompously, that, because of my late switch, my chances of success in this essay are extremely low should know better than to dampen a classmate’s spirits. You do no dictate my chances, and I won’t let you. 


You have no idea how much your negativity fires me up.

I feel like a raging bull.

But one which beams happiness, glory and excited energy in the course of my rage.




…I’m going to go to orchestra rehearsal now.


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