Friday March 14th 2014 – Woop, woop

Guys, I did it. I wrote that damn essay in two days, and now all I have to do is cut out 230 words before Monday. Before the last hurdle I’m going to tap some words onto this space…

 photo Photoon14-03-2014at22442_zps06bbdc50.jpg

As much as I dread starting essays I quite enjoy exploring the library for readings. Yeah, yeah, there’s WestLaw and LexisNexis, those banks of legal gobbledygook stored online. But nothing beats a shelf of rusty red Law Quarterly Reviews. Oh the perks of being an academic, I realise them now.

You find an argument in an article with a footnote attached.

ZOOM, you go to the bottom of the page. Absorb the title, author and citation. 

Gotta catch ’em all. Those arguments. 

Then you point your finger along the shelf, 56, 57, 58, 59…

Wahey I found 60! Now go to page 500 and read.

Add that baby to your essay. Type it up.

Life made.

What a fun thing to do. Unless there are no books left…

 photo 716772471_zpse9039cb3.jpg

…which can happen when everyone is writing the same module essay at the same time.

I am so sorry I made the library stink of humous and Tesco pasta. I don’t particularly take to inhabiting the study spaces, but it has to happen sometimes.


Meanwhile London is being quite friendly. Nineteen degrees this weekend? Yes please.

 photo 716772475_zps0c8a2c9a.jpg

I’m changing quite a lot in my violin playing. I’m discovering most of it on my own as well. At the moment I’m kind of floating. I’m still having lessons, but I don’t have a fixed teacher. I’m playing a lot of course, but it’s all orchestra doo da. Whether or not that’s a good thing, I don’t know. There’s only so much time to do procrastinate productively; I’m not sure if I could realign my music activities on a more solo-playing direction.

 photo 716772473_zps24ed6c72.jpg

 photo 716772472_zpsf8056b81.jpg

I also spotted this on the way to the library! A community of lawyer-musos?! Yay.

 photo 716772474_zps292b87b8.jpg

And a wee photo from last Saturday’s Law Ball at the National History Museum, just to dampen all that boring stuff about law up there.

Interesting that I never blog about law as a hobby. I don’t analyse current debates, the new cases, or criticise anything. Only time will tell if this will become a thing for me.

Yayyy, proof that I am a cool, fun and out-going person.

 photo 10001436_435323039904630_1455196183_n_zps5fcf833b.jpg

(But in reality the next party I’ll probably attend will happen in 2015.)

Have a fab weekend everyone!


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