Oh dear… It’s a Monday.

So I get up for my 9am and miss some of the lecture because my bus arrived late. What on earth she talking about? No worries, I thought, I’ll revise it later…

 photo 716772472_zps25c28254.jpg

After filling page with random pieces of information, my hand fell into a trance. The pen felt ill-tempered in my hand. All the while my hand was moving properly, and I felt confident that I was writing good, legible lecture notes.

But soon the hand had a life of its own. I lost control. The information processing ceased to function in my brain. I was going on shut down.

 photo 716772473_zpsabd8af53.jpg

I was sleep-writing.

 photo 716772474_zps11ec9532.jpg

What even is this language?!

In the break between lessons I looked at those papers and laughed a bit too hard for a Monday morning. It’s like I wrote that with the pen held between my toes.

Law is not the subject to study when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep. Or in my case none at all. Lesson learned: do not drink a cup of tea before you go to sleep, even if you have 30 words to cut from your essay.

(Below is not my work, but a very funny first draft written by one of my friends.)

 photo 716772471_zps3e3b339c.jpg


Good night all.


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