It’s Me against ‘The Rule of Law’

I’m currently in the library sitting on the floor with my back against a cool, soothing stone wall. I’ve allocated myself several minutes break before I continue with studying. The chairs provided by King’s are appalling. If I’m not careful I’ll turn into the half-sister of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, so I think I deserve a bit of relief.

Also, my legs ache. This is because I have decided to go running every morning until exams are over. So far this has been two days of exercise in a local park. It takes 10 mins to run there; I run another 15 mins; then I run back home. Hopefully an active approach to living will help me power through the next couple of weeks.

(Stop pulling that smile. Don’t mock me.)

But the exercise has had a slight opposite effect, which I’m not very pleased about. Having aching legs means that it is a lot harder to frequent in the library building. Finding books is time-consuming and re-filling my water bottle at the fountain on the lower-ground floor is a task which I dread every few hours. This is proof that exercise and myself do not fuse well together.

Anyway, back into my cavern. I need to write an essay about Parliament and the Rule of Law and God knows what else.

I feel like this video, but a lot less sexual.

I don’t think you can ever feel sexual about Public Law.


COME AT ME LAW EXAMS. You’ll wish that you never existed – he, he, he…


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