Reading week: Hemingway, Burlesque, Halloween, Food

 photo aac9837f73727219d7a9975bb49c4963_zps5ec9e05f.jpg

My neck and legs are in agony and it’s all my fault. I can’t even look down at a book without flexing and feeling a sharp twang behind my head. Did I sleep funny?

Oh yes, I do remember. It was the hair-throwing head spins, one slow and two high-speed rotations in the routine. How many times we did the routine, I haven’t a clue. A dozen times maybe.

For all my life, ahem in the context of orchestral warm-ups, I’ve been advised to never tip your head ‘too far back’, but ‘just enough to see the ceiling’. Last night I went so far back I could have thrown my head out the window and into London Bridge station. Who’d have thought that a burlesque class could put such strain on the human body?

Ooh hoo hoo, I finally danced burlesque! In response to your first question: no, I did not take any clothes off nor did I wear a corset and nipple tassels. This wasn’t traditional, Dita-von-Teese burlesque, though that would have been a truly enlightening experience too. It was ‘modern’ burlesque class, you could say, run by a student society, and I danced in my electric orange socks. With the exception of the sole male in the class, I was the only one not wearing heels. In response to your second question: yes, it was super sexy.


The style was more like the stuff of music videos and dance shows like ‘So you think you can dance?’ which I had never done before. The song we danced to had a 3am Friday night chilled groove, but in fact each pose and gesture that was paired with a percussive, determined drum beats followed the next like lightning. You had to be slick, controlled and cool.

This was hard stuff, a bit like the challenge of playing slow music.

“Haw, yeah only three long notes in the whole piece woop woop I can chill out!”

And then you realise that it isn’t possible to hold a note of that length without getting arm cramps or trembling your bow or distorting the tone, and damn you just missed the next transition.

So in a burlesque context: I looked like an idiot for quite a while. It would have helped if I didn’t have the orange socks.

I don’t know how the dancers do it. It’s amazing and I admire their talent and body strength. Do you know how hard it is to lift yourself from the floor with one arm and fling your legs from one side to the other?! Don’t underestimate burlesque dancing or pole-dancing for that matter. It’s an athletic discipline which is very tricky to master.

Thanks to KCL Dance Society for such a great class. It was a perfect way to end a day of reading Tort and Trusts cases.

That’s my main feature of today’s post done. I was going to include ‘Bourdieu’ in the title, but then deleted it after realising that this would create an expectation to explain his theory to the same depth, and that is just not possible.

Other reading week antics:

I finished a novel for the first time in about 3 years. I’m proud of myself even though it is miniscule. It’s beautiful book and I highly recommend it.

 photo 249b402a9bd47c915f81e58b097cafab_zps404d5bef.jpg

There is free food 5 minutes from my university. I’m going to go there every day from now on.

 photo d8c5654580b4c325ca18aaa185d0bd80_zpse975e390.jpg

I explored East London and discovered strange things.

 photo 4492513ed5adcbd335a0289082d0e056_zpsdc11ba20.jpg

Photo courtesy of Ms President.

Photo courtesy of Ms President.

I had a fun time at the Law Fair.

 photo 055eba78879096097a75e9187b675bd9_zps7c59d629.jpg

I’ve been a-cookin’!
 photo 0623beb89dcb183ae2b9a8c4681c15c9_zps2f2bb77b.jpg

 photo 2041f2ae3e68098f65b09dd253d54a51_zps666d3f1b.jpg

And cycling…
 photo 307d62c5dd5a9f681d1b6d33a37d4e67_zps1b0589ef.jpg

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a good Halloween. Don’t dress too sluttily, because that’s just embarrassing, but do enough so that people can fear for their lives or laugh at you on the tube journey home. Yes, I went home alone looking like this…

 photo 997b278431dd8dffe6defde8b1524b5e_zps93dea36b.jpg


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