Friday 13th March 2015 – Being a bad student: music, music, music…


This is terrible. Still 2 weeks to go until Spring break, I already feel like I’m on vacation with only my indulgent interests at heart. If you think you have it bad, let me tell you a little story… 

Today was the deadline for submitting an audition video for a Summer music course I REALLY REALLY want to do. It’s called the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra Institute and I want to do it more than anything else at the moment. Even more than the shit tonnes of reading I have for class tomorrow. I’m sitting here at x o’clock day-dreaming about the course. The opportunity is so distracting and sexy, no doubt a rejection would truly demoralise me.

The video-making process took considerable time and effort. Obviously I had to practise, so spent most of my time this week doing that. Of course today I had to find a pleasant room in which to set up. It had to be in the middle of the day – and it had to be today – to take advantage of the gorgeous natural Spring light. All the official music rooms were full with classes or practising musicians at this hour. The basement ‘rooms’ (more apt to name them ‘cells’) were gross and depressing, so I was forced on a private expedition to find a new studio.

Sometimes I wish I had a scooter to ride on indoors because walking around campus with a backpack and violin on my shoulders is bothersome for a small person like me…

I wandered down the main corridor in the Old Building and passed the Chapel. To my left was an entrance by wooden door into a room with walls painted baby blue, touched with classical embellishments. Ooh. Empty. Big. Perfect. The Committee Room was my jackpot and I locked the door behind me.

[Playing, warming up, scratching, cringing, disgust, silly faces]

After two goes I decided to send the 2nd recording to the panel. All was done, thank goodness. I thought, Right, it’s the ideal set up for a blast of Property Law reading. Trusts of the family home, what’s the big deal? I’ll find out in this chapter of the textbook. I bought some snacks, sat down and tried to read the case Stack v Dowden. I read the first page which contained the summary of the case. Let’s do this.

Oh damn, I fell asleep on the desk. I woke up an hour and half later to a group coming into the room for some event or meeting. It was 18:00 anyway, so I left and went to rehearsal.

The end.

This is all the music I’ve acquired in the past week, mostly orchestral stuff, and that’s not even all of it. In there we have NYOS, a sprinkling of KCLSO, a colourful bunch of Brazilian tunes and a huge lump of la-la-la for a performance of opera scenes this coming Monday with King’s Opera. You can never do too much speed-reading and learning.

Ha, I just noticed my teddy at the back there, cowering from all of the notes! Get away! 2015-03-13 02.00.29

Here’s me dipping my toes into the recording stuff with a light-reflective cyclist’s cuff on my ankle. I did not want to post my actual audition video on here, because it’s frankly too embarrassing for public viewing – should be able to play double stops with rigour at 19. But I thought it would be nice to share some open-strings playing, because that’s what I do best… 


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