À Strasbourg

Bonjour tout le monde! J’ai emménagé dans ma nouvelle chambre à Strasbourg. C’est génial!

photo 1

It is beautiful here. An uncrowded, peaceful city, with an old town that boasts World Heritage Site status.

Quel temps fait-il? It feels like Spring.

Comment ça va? Struggling, but loving it. Everyone speaks so fast, blending all the wordy details that I try so hard to learn in the books. The city wins when it comes to eco-life. No plastic bags in les supermarchés, cycle routes aplenty, recycling habits hammered into your brain from day one.

Qu’as-tu fait? Visited a free book stall where I took 9 little novels, one of which I have just started. It’s part of a series called Les Amours Impossibles, so I expect some good drama. Registered at uni, done some laundry, met quite a lot of people, French and all sorts.

Que tu vas faire? Eh… Now I need to collect my laundry and do some practice.

Moving from summer to third year was very surreal. Before the Trinidad and Tobago trip two weeks ago, everything had been set. I moved out of London, sending a couple of boxes to storage, a few belongings to friends for safe-keeping and a second suitcase a friend to hand over after I return. How sad it was to walk past empty rooms with boxes and bags stacked up inside. To go to sleep and wake up in a cold, lifeless room which echoed more now that nothing could absorb the sound. And to say farewell to my housemates and other loved ones. In not too long I will see them again, but it will be very different.

I wasn’t even going to my final destination yet. I was flying to the Caribbean for 10 days for CONNECTT, where the last Postcard came from. If you’re interested I wrote a blog post for CONNECTT, and one for NYOGB which will be published shortly.

Last Tuesday, I returned from the Caribbean, landing in London Heathrow Airport at 11am. Immediately I was chauffeured to London Stansted Airport by a generous friend, for a 7pm Ryanair flight the same day. Oh, it felt like I was going on another trip… ERASMUS is kind of a year out, but I would like to work hard and pass my exams, and get ‘European Legal Studies’ at the end of my degree!

Photos from the U.S. Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago Facebook page.

Concert 1



Other personal snaps.




Bake and shark!


Breakfast on Independence Day!


Beautiful $50 TT notes decorated with national symbols.


Independence Day Parade



Mendelssohn Quintet, A Major








The last 5 were taken on Tobago Island on the very last day. I like to imagine myself as one of those baby leatherback turtle hatchlings, scuppering across the sand towards the water to pursue my fate. Hopefully I will be the one out of the thousands that survives death by predator or nature…


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