About the Noggin


The noggin of this blog is a 21 year old girl called YeYe*.

She has her father’s nose, her mother’s mouth and her own enthusiasm for just about anything.

From time to time exciting stuff occurs in her life and she likes to blog about it here in The Diary of a Noggin.

Any questions? Comment on a post or send a message to:


Or say hello on Twitter @diaryofanoggin.

Otherwise, enjoy reading about a music, law, travels, food, dancing and the occasional conversation with a stranger.


*She also goes by the names of Yeah Yeah, Leaf Leaf, and Eva. Any other suggestions for interpretations or alternatives are welcome. The more the merrier.


2 thoughts on “About the Noggin

  1. May I congratulate you on a terrific start? I had to say something, not least because I have just started a new blog that is also about being 16, albeit a tad overdue. I wish you every success in this and no doubt many other ventures to follow.

    • Hi…You are very welcome…Incidentally, if you are interested in my blog, it is http//1967etal.wordpress.com. I doubt if you can get to it any other way. Best wishes D

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