About the Noggin


The noggin of this blog is a 22-year old girl called Leaf Leaf. She started writing journals and using an email address at the age of 6. One of her childhood dreams was to master the art of touch-typing, but she ended up learning piano and violin instead.

The Diary of Noggin began the summer she turned 16, that self-conscious period of life when she realised how bad her writing was and how good she wanted it to be. Off she went, not knowing what was to come: posts on teenage angst, music, travel journaling, photography, drawings, university, poetry. Some serious, some silly.

Years later the writing has undergone a journey of its own. It’s still rough, imperfect and terribly indulgent. But at least it’s alive and flowing out the pen – and Noggin is miles better at touch-typing too.

Come say hello. Leave a comment or send a message to diaryofanoggin[at]gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “About the Noggin

  1. May I congratulate you on a terrific start? I had to say something, not least because I have just started a new blog that is also about being 16, albeit a tad overdue. I wish you every success in this and no doubt many other ventures to follow.

    • Hi…You are very welcome…Incidentally, if you are interested in my blog, it is http//1967etal.wordpress.com. I doubt if you can get to it any other way. Best wishes D

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