Postcard from Edinburgh



As the bus turns left from the East end of Princes Street, a macabre scene bleeds into one’s periphery like an incoming raincloud. The passengers look up out of the blindness of their touch-screens and crane their necks by the window-glass.

It can’t be. He was immortal…

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I Am A Queen

I am a queen
in a scarlet nail varnish chariot
the shade of No. 168.

My people – mine
because they are seen
by me and are as mine as thine
own vision and curiosity –

do they see
me as an inquisitive
neck, or as a pair
of uncomfortable
wrists and glaring nostrils?

I am a queen off
to the King’s to spend my day
with his walls, lifeless
soldiers and servants

In his chambers. I pay
my courtesies and fulfil
my duties all
for some mere respect

In return. I am lonely
and awake; I must find a way to entertain
myself – play with toys on paper, bruise
my hands with ink – to remember that I am

The Queen
of the greasy crown
and sleepy eye curtains
hooked behind my ears,
of chapped heels
and spring onion
fingernails that hover over my lip

When I am waiting.
Obedient and secret,
like Hermione I am

brut on the face but
blushing. Since 16 years
no carver can slice out
the air singing through
my teeth, no painter can
try my life and sand down
the bones of my muffled interior.

I will wear the amethysts my mother gave me
and invent spells as wonderful as eating.

Also re-wrote Orange with some new line break ideas and extra words. Can’t seem to insert spaces between words on WordPress so here it is in PNG format.

Orange (II)


October 29th 2013 – Just a London journey

A bearded man was playing Bach Cello Suites on a one-handed guitar in a passageway in Waterloo underground. Many of the Londoners had gone home, taking with them the din of their collective scuffles. For once walking through the London underground was like listening to a harpsichord in a church.

The C Major prelude was a sunny overture to the walk back to my flat. I was all psyched up to finish the work I had left on my desk.

The beardyman saw the violin case which was suspended on my left shoulder and gave me a thumbs up.

Then on the bus I was treated to a roller coaster ride by the driver. Standees were smacking into one another over tight corners. I tried to read my Contract Law notes as best I could in the given circumstances.