March was quite grey


I was in a place where the wind cocooned my head, limbs and body like a giant spinning, unforgiving frenzy. Air was charging into my ears and whipping the fabric of the raincoat against my cheeks. It heaved and pushed the water, forward and upward, roaring out platoons of white waves that swamped the length of the shore. It even pierced the thin layer of water on the sand, impregnating it with galaxies and galaxies of bubbles. They obeyed the wind and performed their wild orbital dance, alone, in clusters, slaves to air and gravity.

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Nice weekend: Sidney Sussex and Scottish Celebrations

The dawn of another week is approaching and I still haven’t finished my reading! Still, I’m able to share a little bit of my research. This week I have a very interesting Criminal Law seminar on the defence of consent and the extent to which it can be applied to negate the criminal nature of an act. Whether that’s consent to grievous bodily harm, rape or consent of the mentally-ill. All very controversial and fascinating, but reserved for another day, perhaps when I’m too inebriated to distinguish between law and ‘fun stuff’.

(Worth noting that I’ve never once blogged drunk and never intend to.)

Aside from law and the engulfing effect it’s had on many areas of life I am glad to say I had a great weekend. On Friday I performed in Cambridge as part of the Sidney Sussex music society orchestra, which involved sight-reading half of Elgar Symphony No. 1 a few hours before the show. Suffice to say it was the most uncomfortable I’ve felt in an orchestral performance in a long time; being outside second desk in Violin I (out of only three desks) and miming and grabbing hold of any feasible note is very, very stressful. At one point during the finale, I managed to finish pretending to play an ascending arpeggio run (which are absolute bonkers to play, just to add) only to notice the leader finishing a bar later. Clearly didn’t hit all the notes…

I enjoyed the free wine post concert, gave a fright to an old face from my children orchestra days and bought food from ‘The Trailer of Life’ which I devoured in the doorway of a jewellery shop before heading to Queen’s College to crash on the floor of an English student friend – she is actually Scottish.

On Saturday had tea and cake (a brownie; the shop had run out of the desirable ‘Duke of Cambridge’ delight) with another friend, also Scottish, who studies Music.

As if the weekend couldn’t be more Scottish, I spent Saturday evening at another Scottish friend’s (who is actually English but anyhow) who kindly cooked a Burn’s Supper for three! Amazing boy.

 photo F7F93936-8171-4529-AC08-A7DE87927A3E-3403-0000023F16AA137A_zpsa76465e1.jpg

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 photo FA94361F-9186-4119-851D-55C3C19D9587-3403-0000023F5EF4BACF_zpsd662ea16.jpg

 photo 7D0092C2-E039-4042-AB5B-FC790396490E-3403-0000023F593CE5E4_zpsb32cd34a.jpg

 photo 9A876646-CE68-41D6-AD51-B679269D8C0D-3403-0000023F503F0598_zps49749146.jpg

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How to make people jealous of what you’re consuming.

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 photo 7FC89DF9-53F3-400C-BB6D-2F5490E6241B-3403-0000023F4AF43FEF_zpse8bf89e7.jpg

How to draw a haggis.

Better head to bed. Lot’s coming up! Concert and the King’s College London Bar Society Annual Dinner. Bring on the red carpet.



January 17th 2013

This is what I am supposed to studying:
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– As you can see I had some confusion over the spelling of the second word…

But I’m delaying that for now. It’s time to admire my lovely book:
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Today we finished analysing all the quotations in English! Hoorah. That’s two plays: The Tempest and The Winter’s Tale. The latter booklet seemed to take forever to complete. By the time the exam comes we are meant to know enough of them to produce a good essay. There is also a prelim (mock) in a week or two which I feel rather anxious about. I have them in all my subjects, nooo…

However, there is one quotation which will now remain with me forever because of the drawing that emerges beyond the words (a ridiculously deep phrase I absent-mindlessly typed). Those who don’t know The Winter’s Tale probably won’t find it particularly amusing.

“Paulina…one eye declined for the loss of her husband, another elevated that the oracle was fulfilled.”

A few of us (don’t know whether ‘few’ can apply to a class of 4) took this too literally and started drawing:
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The first image is the bottom one; as you go up we further developed our ideas. Shakespeare makes us thinking very intellectually.

August 3rd 2012 – first day in London

We’ve just returned from rehearsals at the Royal Albert Hall this afternoon! Yay, London. First, some blethering about our second concert. I have some nice photos which I took during our free time but my memory card and adapter are being absolutely uncooperative! I cannot display them on here now.

Last night’s concert in Aldeburgh was wonderful – then again, there was a woman who collapsed in the middle of the concert… I didn’t see her collapse, but I saw the NYO Support Team getting up and rushing around. I hope she is okay.

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The Concert Hall in Snape Maltings

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