October 28th 2013 – Don’t do that, please.

A person in a tutorial who, despite having been asked kindly by me to adjust his irritating habits, types on a laptop with the same degree of force necessary for a typewriter, browses ugly shoes online and breathes through his nose like a rhinoceros, should be more considerate to his fellow classmates.


That’s all I have to say today.

Back to my essay.


The Joys of Studying Law

Hello blog. As you’d expect I have a lot to say after such a lengthy period of silence. Be prepared to read many fanciful, preposterous words.

A lot of students complain about a law degree being dull, dry and soul-destroying. Pages, journals, cases, textbooks, lecture notes, current affairs, dictionary – oh my lord it’s a vicious cycle, get me outta here. From time to time I pass a bunch of glum faced people in the corridor looking terrified. And I just want to stand on a chair in the middle of the landing and sing, as tunefully as possible,

There is more to life than plain reading, my dear legal companions!

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August 19th 2013 – Insect studies

Observations made during the first week of my visit to Atlanta. Starts slow, but please be patient. The subject of insects is definitely addressed and relevant to the title of this post.

Every year I pack my things, purchase a $14 ESTA visa and fly across the pond to Atlanta. I tend to go for four to five weeks depending on my summer commitments. Though I’d prefer it if my Dad didn’t live on the other side of the world, I consider myself very fortunate to be able to travel so frequently and have a second home in a completely different culture.
 photo A43B3242-CBB6-460D-98CB-C2F7A789F4D1-3688-000002F70815F1A8_zps82edd35e.jpg

For the last few trips, Atlanta has welcomed me with the same sensations, smells and tastes. I remember each very vividly, right from the moment I exit the cool, dry conditions of the aeroplane. First there’s a sudden rise in humidity, soon complimented by the glorious heat of Southern state sunshine beyond the terminal doors. That sense of relief as your skin finally expands to absorb the rays. Then within the acrid fumes of the car pack you locate your vehicle. You step inside, and to your disbelief the aroma of new synthetic produce and car conception still remains after all this time. You can’t help but gag a little and keep the doors open for half a minute to let them escape.

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No Man’s Land – thoughts on leaving school, music and law.

First official post of the summer holidays – how’s everyone faring? School ended about a week ago and it still hasn’t hit me yet.

We, the leavers, felt ready to say goodbye, especially those with destinations set in stone. Though a few of us, including me, are now walking through No Man’s Land.


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Oxford Butterflies

These butterflies aren’t your standard little creatures. Inside my tummy I can feel a swarm of them; they hit the walls of my core; they’re high on crack or some other hyperactive drug; they don’t flutter, they prod; I am trying not to suggest a gory image when I say they are keen to get out of my stomach. Continue reading