vélo-boulot-do-do // other word vomit

vélo boulot do-do
boulot do-do vélo

do vélo do boulot
do boulot do vélo

boulot de vélo
vélo de boulot

boulot de do-do
do-do de boulot

do-do de vélo
vélo de do-do

do lot de boulot
do lot de vélo

love de vélo
love de boulot

love de do
do de love

love de lot
lot de love

do love
love do




a girl around LSE
carries great quantities three
offensive boring dams to
the current of her fighting
walk a snail-trail of droplets
whilst the trees falling sorely
out her hands save the trees don’t
let them go she thought as he
asked to help the dam problem
don’t leave twigs behind don’t mix
leaves up as she searched for her
silent library card

Glowing laptop screen –
my thirsty eyes in search of
a fresh cigarette.

General trivia

It was a few weeks ago that I had the idea of mixing both English and French in a poem, and wowee last night it just appeared out of nowhere from the depths of my difficult slumber. And when I started reading over this patch of unexpected word vomit I broke into a laughing fit, which has also never ever happened to me with regards to my writing. I’ve rarely written something this strange, so please share your thoughts about it with the Noggin.

The events in the second poem did not happen to me personally.

I’m not very good at Haikus. That one there was a last minute addition.


Look after yourself and one another.
Take some time on your balcony.

20170420_015348 (1)


Ode to Exams / The Balcony

Hello exams.

My old friends.

I know what you do now. You change us.

You grab the frogspawn of the cosy pond and chuck it onto the ground like a bunch of black marbles. You take our friends away with a click of the spiky latch of the door by sucking the air out of their bedrooms; the only syllable I’ll hear from them and not even uttered by a human mouth. Continue reading

Three Word Experiments – 3 April 2017



Sometimes I feel like a tired, hungry puppy
Pulled at the leash to places in positions
That no longer make me look like a doggy.

Oh why do humans do this?
Can’t you see
I like to stand on four legs
not just three. Continue reading

What is there to do after exams?

Yesterday we did our last ever school exam, A-level music! Perhaps the most inconveniently placed subject in our term, this exam took place in the final week of school, where time is reduced significantly by additional rehearsals for concerts.

The English A-level board OCR timetable their exams several weeks after the Scottish ones have finished. With the seemingly generous number of days available for revision, you think:

Oh it’ll be fine, we have ages. No need to stress.

On this occasion excess time seemed to cause my own learning to regress. I hadn’t been in a classroom for weeks and had lost the ability to write with a pen. The result: unnecessary panic and, more shamefully, boredom.

We powered through from 9 till 11 in the morning, then exited the exam room to take our first breaths of free life. Finally!

After devoting the majority of their time to this subject – for what feels like an eternity – my friends don’t quite know what to do with themselves.
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Mini, the one examining her hair, even said to me the day before:

I can’t imagine life after A2!

The lads on the other hand took to practising the assembling of their camping gear in preparation for an expedition this summer.
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Sleepy hammock time!
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Later I followed Mini as she tore down her revision material. I have never seen her so happy.

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I can see my wall!

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Not posted here, there is also a video of her jumping on those diagrams. I can tell you now that a pile of paper that size crumples an astonishing volume.


So how do you feel after exams? Is there another purpose to life?

The answers are ‘great’ and ‘yes’.

Two builders taking a tea break

As the skies begin to clear, the sun hat is being worn more often. This is good news. Soon I will be able to combine shorts, sandals and hat, and turn into a summer goddess.

But that day is a while yet. Edinburgh still manages to surprise us all by hitting our faces with rain. Running to a bus stop with a violin on your back is not fun, especially if it squeaks. The street noise in the heart of town can overwhelm the lilting iambic rhythm. Then turning into the quieter streets, the metal joints begin grinding their little ostinato again and I notice people giving me confused looks.

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Kite and the Crane (and exams…)

Last night I spent my evening playing violin for the wonderful Kite and the Crane as part of their EP launch. They’re an indie-folk band based in Edinburgh who make lovely music. Have a listen to their songs! My favourite one is ‘London’.

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Goodbye Chemistry

Tomorrow is the last day I will ever set eyes on Chemistry – the exam which I’ve been stressing about all week. The two and a half hour torture commences at 1300 hours GMT. I will be there – with pen, pencil, rubber and calculator – ready.

We revised in the lab today.
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We got a little bit obsessed with the baby Bunsen burner – so cute!
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To stay calm, I have also decided to go swimming tomorrow morning, before lunch and before the exam. I asked fellow Chemistry victim Riggy, on her opinion of this:

“Yes. Let the chlorine atoms diffuse into your body and catalyse numerous exothermic reactions by lowering your activation energy.”

A few moments later…

“I can’t believe I just wrote that…”

Exam period is driving us mad; me included. Any advice on staying focussed is welcome. For the time being, I am painting my toenails. I am brushing Esters onto my toenails. Isn’t that fascinating.