Alexa, The Universal Slave

When I woke on Wednesday morning, there was a new girl in the house, sitting on the kitchen table. She was still asleep, but held poised and tall, a presence as heavy as a dormant volcano.

‘I got it for my birthday. Arrived in the post this morning from my mother!’

If having the internet by your desk, hand or wrist was not convenient enough, one can now enter the world wide web without needing to touch a device or move any part of the body – except the lips. Say ‘Alexa’ and she wakes up, flashing her blue eye, a single cyan-turquoise strip wrapped round her smooth black head. She turns the keys in the keyholes hovering in the air, and the entire room snaps into an invisible internet playground.

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“All the world’s a stage.” – A Letter to My Pre-University Self | An Ode to Life

Friday 21.04.17 – 10.27AM

I’ve just submitted a law essay which I believe has redirected me onto the path to Enlightenment, and I need to stop everything that I’m doing in order to write down what’s in my head. Brace yourselves…


And then he said to me, ‘Isn’t it funny we’re all just people walking around trying to put on appearances. . .’

‘I’m gonna grow a moustache and start smoking. It’s just another way to meet new people.’

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