Wall of Life

fire, fire,
blood roils
hush, peace,
time’s toil
West, East
fuse soil
to plant
in earth
a song

first brick
floats down
young Europe
breathing slow
opening eyes
bridge grows
a smile
that holds
our feet

lion back
cemented skin
land’s arms
Neptune’s twin
leben ist lieben
tattooed within
the rocks
that gift
us flight

storm clouds
cower from
silent hands
rest upon
roses, daisies,
hug along
the stones
that sing
of light



Written for my friend Karl Mauer. I had fun choosing the bricks for this one…  Continue reading


Berlin… for the second time

Berlin, the capital city of Germany.

The first time I visited Berlin was October 2010 with my school for a few days. At first I thought ‘oh I have been there already what’s the point?’ But the tour guide we had was fantastic and I learnt new things about the city – e.g. bombs from World War II keep cropping up but are situated in the backs of newspapers, within the more menial articles? – and saw places I didn’t get to see last time. Plus, it was gorgeous weather and it’s interesting to visit a city during a different season.

Our tour package was a good deal – 4 cities for the price of 2.

Also, just warning you for typical touristy photos that I took in every city! You can’t prevent it from happening…

My lovely Chan.Photobucket

Olympic StadiumPhotobucket 

A hint of Paris? The TV tower.Photobucket 

You may have already noticed the ‘fatal’ wound on my leg. That was one of the 2 mosquito bites. When I showed them to my Mum, she made a huge fuss and even suggested we go to the hospital. I told her they’d just send me away because they’d probably have a leg to chop off someone else. Luckily the bruising is fading now.Photobucket
Chan and I on the bus.Photobucket
The Reichstag Parliament building. Now you can only go up if you book days in advance. They started doing this after bomb scares last Autumn. Lucky I got to go last time? So lucky.Photobucket
Holocaust Memorial.Photobucket

This photo was taken when we were meant to be listening to the tour guide… Chan and I have very low attention spans at times.Photobucket

Lunch break.Photobucket
This is the second time I’ve hugged this bear.Photobucket

Our tour guide was actually from the USA. He was doing a PhD here. He spoke very fast but he was so good to listen to. He obviously loves it here. This photo is to emphasize his height. He was easy to spot if we ever got lost.

The hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his baby son. Photobucket

Tube station.PhotobucketPhotobucket

This little boy was the most enthusiastic ice-cream licker ever.Photobucket

What nice public toilets.Photobucket

The Berlin Wall of course. It’s a bit messy looking at the moment because people graffiti on it a lot. My favourite wall art was the curly-wurly one down there.Photobucket

‘Museum Island’Photobucket

Okay tourist hyperbole here.Photobucket

I love Berlin. Plenty to see everywhere. Last time I went we stayed for 4 days and saw a lot more – including the Berlin Philarmonic!!

It’s a bit odd that we went to Berlin when it isn’t beside the Baltic Sea. Unlike all the other capitals it’s situated 3 hours away from where we actually docked. 

I am meant to be packing for school but my Mum fell asleep so I’m doing this instead. I have to type in a special way in order not to wake her up…

Next city – Tallinn, capital of Estonia!