Review: Chick Corea Elektric Band, Barbican Centre

Did I just die in the stalls. If my pores were eyes they would have been crying crystals, and I would have made sacred offering of them for the Gods on stage.


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London life – Glitter and jazz and dancing

Living in London is a popular topic among students who have received an offer from one of its universities. This is mainly because life here differs from anywhere else in the world, let alone the country, and that moving here brings you into a global hub which doesn’t suit every student. If you’re not aware of the pros and cons, they are pretty straightforward:


  • One of the greatest cities in the world
  • Endless opportunities
  • Forefront of style, innovation, technology, education


  • Spending money money money every day
  • Noisy and dangerous
  • Stressful and tiring

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