Three Word Experiments – 3 April 2017



Sometimes I feel like a tired, hungry puppy
Pulled at the leash to places in positions
That no longer make me look like a doggy.

Oh why do humans do this?
Can’t you see
I like to stand on four legs
not just three. Continue reading


I want to do with you




I want
to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

I want
to do with you what fingers do with sensitive knees.

I want
to do with you what breezes do with the waves.

I want
to do with you what Turner did with the seas.


I want
to do with you what kids do with the ice-cream.

I want
to do with you what their hands do with the runny glue.

I want
to do with you what gold leaf does with painting.

I want
to do with you what the sun does with the moon.


I want
to do with you what fire does with the wax.

I want
to do with you what an oven does with the dough.

I want
to do with you what custard does with the sponge cake.

I want
to do with you what the spoon does with the bowl.


I want
to do with you what we do with the hours.

I want
to do with you what perfume does with a smell.

I want
to do with you what Monet does with his flowers.

I want
to do with you what sand does with the shell.


I want
to do with you what Chopin does with the keys.

I want
to do with you what Shakespeare does with his plays.

I want
to do with you what music does with the hips.

I want
to do with you what potters do with the clays.



I want
to do with you what hands do with the trapeze

what silk does with the skin

what chocolate does with the tongue

what lips do with the lips


Inspired by the last line of Pablo Neruda’s poem Every Day You Play.




Talk to me

I tried so hard the other day, but
The city would collapse.

Bridges severed
Lamplights shattered
Pavements splintered
And, crouching inside my mouth
Crushed by bricks, choked in dust
I am nothing.

I tried again the other day, and
I made it to the stage.

The whole town watched
The whole universe listened
I opened the wound
And we saw the little slice of pink raw flesh
That needed love
Space to breathe
And us to breathe with it.

But once again it slithered away…

Under our sleeves
Every time we move
We feel it.


Word studies / excerpts


16 October 2016

Sunday morning. Look out beyond your bedroom door. Celebrate the sunlight humming along the silent corridors and the caress of your blood floating back to room temperature.

7 January 2017

pro cra sti na tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-|

The process of swallowing an abnormally large tablet. A deeply uncomfortable experience regardless of its nutritional content and proven long-term benefits. Positive effects include (but are not confined to): rays of sunshine, drops of oil to your joints, strengthened muscles. However, such accounts have little bearing on one’s decision to actually and willingly accept the giant particle. Subjects are warned to expect a dark, prolonged sense of dread right up until the relaxation of the tongue muscles, a period which can last from 10 seconds to even 1 month or more.

The task – allowing this pebble creep down your throat and grind against your windpipe – is not to be underestimated.

2 February 2017

The most beautiful thing I saw turning left onto Russell Square, was an overweight blue rubbish truck as beaten and bruised and triumphant as a gladiator.

3 February 2017

Today I feel the filth of London and the gritty woes of its people enter my lungs, drying the moistness at the back of my throat, as if I’m inhaling the excrements of dust mites and vacuum cleaners in a windowless room.

Friday 13th March 2015 – Being a bad student: music, music, music…


This is terrible. Still 2 weeks to go until Spring break, I already feel like I’m on vacation with only my indulgent interests at heart. If you think you have it bad, let me tell you a little story…  Continue reading

Wednesday November 19th 2014 – It’s That Time of the Year

Last week, I felt really proud of myself because I did many things.

  1. First Pilates class, courtesy of the Law School, with many more to come.
  2. I started part-time work at the National Youth Orchestra (yes, I know what you’re thinking; will I ever stop talking about them?)
  3. A moot.
  4. I cycled to the Royal Academy of Arts and saw the Anselm Kiefer exhibition, which, by the way, is mind-blowing.

Then I realised – surprise, surprise – that these activities added nothing to my actual degree and I was behind on my course. I was exhausted too, mentally numb and emotionally drained. I had a minor breakdown.

Noggin: 0

Life: 1 Continue reading

I made a mask!

FRIDAYS. Everybody loves Fridays, especially the first-year law bunch. Most of us don’t have classes so we enjoy a three-day weekend! I was looking forward to it so much. My last class on Thursday finished at SEVEN. Seven o’clock, god forbid. Despite the scant attendance (7 people) it was good class on Judicial Review problem-solving with a fab professor. He’s a big name in the Public Law field who wears nice ties and asks scary questions which nobody can answer.

When I returned home I sat by my desk and wrote a to-do list for Friday. Naturally, as tired students do, I slept through my 07:00am alarm and hence failed to follow my own instructions…

I failed at all but one task: making a mask! Why do I need a mask? Well, tomorrow night my university Law Society is hosting a masquerade ball at the Natural History Museum!

Initially I planned to purchase a £3 mask from Amazon or eBay, but as the week progressed I couldn’t bear the thought of becoming any poorer. I had already bought my week’s shopping at Marks & Spencer’s (I know I’m a student, don’t ask. I just wanted a change from Sainsbury’s!) and arranged a violin lesson for this Sunday – ha, ha, the day after the Law Ball. A further three pounds would hurt too much. Also, I quite fancied creating my own mask. It’s been so long since I doodled or attended art classes.

Over the term my room has welcomed a lot of pointless objects. For instance on the floor there’s a cardboard box from about a month ago which previously contained goodies from home. There’s nothing inside. It’s just an empty waste of space on the floor.

But with junk comes creative freedom. I didn’t pay for any materials.

This is how I made my mask.


First, I googled ‘venetian mask template’ to find different shapes and styles.

 photo 9A3F500F-CBC5-4977-A1F0-9C6097C62C90-2031-000001B9FB442FA3_zps1acda973.jpg


I wanted a simple shape. Nothing too ‘flowery’ or ‘fiddly. The task of finding a suitable one took quite a long time. An elegant ‘flicky’ shape seemed ideal at first. But after careful scrutiny of its effect on my face I realised that it made my nose look fat. No thanks.

 photo masksjpg_zpsb713a827.jpg

Some of the eye-holes were equally unflattering. I had to adjust the angle of the slant to fit my own peepers.

Eventually I chose the template in the top-left photo.

The next step was to cut the shape. I had some hard yellow paper from an unused folder. After tracing and trimming I coloured it in with black pen.



 photo 5F204930-7B13-418D-86BA-2466AD92E122-2031-000001BA08FC8948_zps73a74399.jpg



Most party masks are decorated with beads and jewels and lace. I didn’t have any trinkets! Eventually after searching my supplies I found an old jewellery bag in my drawer lined with silver swirls. I cut the seams and stuck the material over one eye. Asymmetry is cool. photo 93E33549-71C5-42AB-B458-09F2756894B2-2031-000001BA128D6F24_zps47e1f7af.jpg

I had a pencil from last term which I received at a law firm event. I never used it and left it on my desk completely unsharpened. Today I mounted it onto a piece of card and superglued it on the inside of the mask.  photo 7B408665-A6D2-41AA-80D6-892E207A307F-2031-000001BA1B5E7B59_zps4a5b8d7b.jpg

Then the glue had to dry, so I ate a chicken drumstick.

 photo 851F1F36-8134-466E-A338-6742C78BBC0F-2031-000001BA35502993_zpsaa310a47.jpg


Ta da! photo 9FBE5EA2-3C8F-4818-ACB1-E13822753C76-2031-000001BA25162548_zps48163762.jpg


Isn’t it cool? photo F8D2D495-1829-4C6C-9EF9-3A2FB380F4E0-2031-000001BA3B63DDAD_zpsd0a32506.jpg


It might clash with my dress and jewellery, both of which are gold and bronze. But I love it! Can’t wait to go to the ball tomorrow!

Also I’m sorry for the gloomy face. I think the mask forces me to try and look more demure.

 photo Photoon07-03-2014at1707_zps4d2cae12.jpg


Have a good weekend everyone!


Brodsky Quartet Binge

I’m ill today. I missed two lectures and could hardly follow my EU tutorial.

I spilt cough medicine over my notes. I knocked over the bottle and pink splodges oozed over the black ink. Tissues were not enough so I wiped off the highly viscous substance with baby wipes. It looks like a rosy watercolour wash now.

I had a nosebleed in bed. The last thing I want to do is scrub my sheets.

I’ve taken medicine, drank tea and eaten a banana. I don’t intend to move until the KCLSO rehearsal tonight, nor do I wish to do things which require deep contemplation. The bed has a new sheet and I am slumped against the wall with my laptop on my legs.

YouTube beckons me. Look what I found? The Brodsky Quartet.

Nerdy, sweet, quirky, cheeky. Charming. Really cool people. Skip to 3:08 in the video below for an extreme dose of flirt.

More classics:

And a hypnotic number to finish:

KCLSO are starting new repertoire for the Spring Project! So tonights rehearsal will comprise sight-reading, yay. I better take a nap now.


(You’ll have noticed that I made a massive apostrophe error in the paragraph above. I can’t even write a sentence of sound grammar here let alone my own coursework. I’m not going to edit it; I’m leaving it for my own amusement.)